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Santa's Bringing "MEGA Bloks Streetz City Pursuit" for Jake

This year our nearly 6yr old son Jake has asked Santa for this MEGA Bloks Streetz City Pursuit building set for Christmas. Aside from being crazy about anything to do with cars or transportation and being a lover of any type of building or erector sets, let me tell you why my husband and I think our kindergartner will love this toy.

1) This 221-piece set is pretty elaborate. It seems to be designed with my son in mind and is very well thought out. There are so many things going on, with things to jump over or places to jump through, that he will be kept happily busy for long periods of time.

2) Having guard rails along the streets and on the ramps will make playing more fun because the vehicles will stay in play for longer.

3) The realistic radio controlled motorized helicopter even has a working search light. The police van lights up. Plus this set comes with a speed booster to shoot the two stunt cars through the streets, over ramps, and through obstacles.

4) I know my son will be excited to collect the other sets available from the Streetz collection, especially when he sees the poster of the many different Streetz vehicles.

5) Although my son is extremely adept at putting together such building sets, I am glad to see that the instructions are clear and the parts bags are numbered. There are 221 pieces after all and I know my son would feel a great sense of accomplishment if he could put most, if not all, of this set together without any adult assistance.

6) The LED remote control for the helicopter shown below is also able to active the police van. It seems very simple to operate and has quite a high coolness factor.

7) As a parent, I like that this set is fairly compact. I know my son will want to build it and leave it intact for several days of play before he disassembles it. The size will allow him to do that and not have it be in the way too much.

I can tell that my husband is excited for my son to have this MEGA Bloks set. I think he can't wait to play with it himself. I really think that the Streetz City Pursuit will take my son's acting out car chases with his diecast cars to the next level. I am also curious as to what changes my son will come up with because I know he will try to reconfigure different aspects of this set after he's played with it for awhile.

You should be able to find this and other sets from the MEGA Brands Streetz collection on, Toys R Us,, Walmart, and other major retailers where MEGA Bloks are sold.

Thank you to MEGA Brands for providing us with a sample product free of charge.