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Review: MedSafe Locking Medicine Cabinet

Even though my children are still young and most likely cannot open medicine bottles with child-proof caps, I still worry about their somehow getting their hands on prescription and over-the-counter drugs. I'm sure I am not the only parent with this concern.

Recently D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) has partnered with MedSafe, whose product is essentially a medication lock-box, to encourage parents to help deter prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse or experimentation at home by simply locking up those medications. For a limited time, the MedSafe will be available for $20 off the retail price. Not only has MedSafe made their product more affordable, they are also donating a percentage of the proceeds to supporting various drug abuse awareness programs and events. Their goal is to help make medications secure from children in 5 million homes by the end of 2010.

What I thought about our MedSafe locking medicine chest:

1) The MedSafe is pretty compact at 9-1/2"h, but it does fit most prescription size medicine bottles plus many over-the-counter bottles. If you buy any of your over-the-counter medicines in bulk, then those bottles would be too large for this cabinet, as the shelves are not adjustable.

2) I like that the locking mechanism is digital with 19,500 possible combinations. After 5 failed attempts at entering the correct code, the safe will be in lockout mode for a total of 5 minutes. Although it is not impossible for a teenager to crack your code, especially if you use numbers that have some sort of meaning to you, it would definitely take a lot of patience and persistence.

3) There is an audible tone that sounds when the code is either entered correctly or incorrectly, so it would be difficult for your child to attempt to open the MedSafe undetected while you are in the house.

4) We chose to hang our MedSafe on the bathroom wall out of the reaches of our children. Although it was not an option for us, the MedSafe can be hung inside your existing medicine cabinet or even laid flat in a dresser drawer. This is a case where "out of sight, out of mind" might work in your favor.

I think that this product will work in deterring a child who is trying to be secretive about gaining access to these medications. If you have a teenager who is willing to be bold and can use enough brute force, then I think the MedSafe might not be able to keep that teenager from accessing its contents.

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Thank you to MedSafe for providing us with a review product free of charge.