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Review: Lands' End Men's SnowSystem Jacket

My husband is a strange breed. He thinks 45 degrees is shorts weather. Unfortunately, we live in New England where the temperature often drops below 45 degrees in the winter and sometimes even in the fall. Still, he despises wearing anything bulky as far as outerwear goes.

The Men's SnowSystem Jacket from Lands' End suits my husband perfectly. It can be worn three different ways . . . with the waterproof outer shell alone, the sporty quilted "PolarThin" inner liner alone, or both pieces together. Even with both pieces together, my husband admits that this men's winter jacket is not cumbersome like most others he's owned.

What my husband and I thought about this Lands' End jacket:

1) I find this jacket to be very attractively designed. The outer shell is stylish and sporty, but more classical, which makes it suitable for men of all ages. The inner layer is more sleek and modern and is not quite my husband's taste. If he were to wear one of the layers alone, he would most likely opt for the outer layer.

2) Although this jacket is lighter than a parka, it is still built for cold weather protection. The air between the outer and inner layers offers extra warmth, similar to the air within down filling.

3) It is very convenient that the neck area is protected so that there is no need for a scarf.

4) Some outerwear manufacturers skimp on the quality of interior hardware, such as the zippers and snaps. This is not the case with this Lands' End jacket. The attention paid to quality of the interior is equal to that of the exterior.

5) The Velcro around the wrists are designed to catch easily, so that someone wearing ski gloves could adjust these straps without removing their gloves.

6) Because my husband gets overheated easily, he was very pleased with the ample length of the pit zips.

7) Two great features that keep the wind, cold air, and ski powder out are the toggle drawstring on the inside hem of the outer shell and the elasticized removable hidden skirt.

8) Other perks about this jacket are the MP3 pocket, which includes a cord port, amply sized pockets inside and out, and this jacket is machine washable, which is an extremely important feature.

My husband is extremely happy with his Lands' End SnowSystem Jacket. He even said that he would not need to take this jacket off when he got in his car as he normally does with all of his other winter coats.

I see that this jacket is currently reduced in price. Even at regular price, this Lands' End jacket is a great value compared to other name brands. A comparable jacket by High Sierra or North Face would cost twice the price of this one. If you or someone you know is in the market for a new men's winter coat, I would definitely put this one on your list of considerations.

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Thank you to Lands' End for providing us with a review product free of charge.