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Review: Lands' End Boy's Sport Squall Parka

My son does have a short walk between our house and the school bus stop. For this reason, he does need to bundle up to the extreme this winter. Even if it were snowing, I think that he would be able to get home without becoming too wet. My main concern is blistering winds that can be accompanied by near or below freezing temperatures.

Since the coldest weather does not arrive until January where we live, I will just have to show you what features of the Lands' End Boys Sport Squall Parka make me trust that it will keep my son warm on the coldest winter days. I will also point out some secondary features that are not as important to me, but may be to other parents.

What I thought about this boy's winter coat from Lands' End:

1) There are 6 colors to choose from. All the colors, except for the black, are very highly visible colors. I'm glad my son chose yellow all on his own because I would say that color would be the most visible of the bunch. That combined with the reflective trim will ensure that my son is seen should it begin to get dark outside.

2) The most important feature to me is that this coat's shell is made of 3 layers of nylon which makes it wind-resistant. Also, the top layer has a "DriOff" finish, which makes the coat water-resistant. Of course, I would love for it to be waterproof as well, but that is not as important to me for what this coat will be used for. This combined with the fleece lining and the PolarThin insulation, will really protect my son from the cold.

3) I like that the hood is attached, especially for a kindergartner. There were so many parts that came off the coat I had purchased for him last year that it is just too much for a child his age to manage.

4) Another practical feature are the large deep pockets. I think it is much easier for a kindergartner to retrieve his gloves or mittens from pockets rather than having them clipped to the jacket.

5) The ability to cinch this coat inside at the waist is yet another feature that will keep the cold air and wind away from my son.

6) Even though the item description advises against it, I ended up requesting one size up for my son because I wanted this coat to last two seasons rather than just one. Even though this coat is slightly large for my son, the adjustable Velcro cuffs keep the sleeves from falling over my son's hands. The Velcro on the back of the hood allows us to adjust the size as needed. Also, the high neckline is elasticized from ear to ear, giving the hood a snug fit around my son's face, eliminating the need for a scarf. For these reasons, I think it would be okay to order one size up after you've checked the sizing chart, if you would like to use this coat next year.

7) A feature older children will love is that the chest pocket leads to an MP3 pocket complete with an interior cord port.

If you are looking for a warm winter coat that is not too bulky, Lands' End carries this Sport Squall Parka for both boys and girls. Both come in toddler sizes all the way up to big kids. Visit for outerwear and other gifts for the whole family. For a limited time, you can receive Free Shipping on your order of $50 or more when you use Code: FS50MIN and Pin: 1958 at checkout.

Thank you to Lands' End for providing us with a review product free of charge.