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Review: K'NEX Sesame Street Police Station

We own many different types of building blocks because all 5 of us, children and adults alike, very much enjoy this type of 3-dimensional creative play. Our children were extremely excited when they saw this Sesame Street K'NEX set because they recognized the familiar faces of Ernie and Elmo.

The K'NEX Sesame Street Police Station comes with 44 pieces and is recommended for ages 2 to 5. It is part of the K'NEX Neighborhood Collection, which also includes a police car, an ice cream truck, and a brownstone.

What I thought about this K'NEX building set:

1) Although these sets are recommended for ages 2 and up, the configuration of the building might require a higher skill level than a 2yr old might have. Our 5yr old, however, could almost build the entire police station without referring to the photo.

2) Even though our twin toddlers could not build the police station without their big brother's help, they still enjoyed playing with this set after it was built. They also had no problems reconfiguring the blocks to suit their own tastes.

3) I like that this set comes with two figures. Many building sets only come with one. Having two is much more fun, whether the child is playing alone or with a friend or sibling.

4) I was very pleased to see that, even though these blocks look a little different, the K'NEX blocks work fine with the other leading brands of similar building sets. This is a huge help to parents because we do not need to keep the blocks separated and we do not need to purchase a large amount of each brand of blocks just so that our children have enough to build with.

5) The one thing the twins seemed to enjoy the most was having the figures peek through the windows at each other. Our kindergartner liked the street light and the stop sign the most and kept stealing them to use with his diecast cars.

This set retails for $20.99, which is competitive with the other leading brands of building blocks. Because the K'NEX pieces can be used along with the other brands, I see no reason not to add the K'NEX Sesame Street Police Station to your child's wishlist. If your son or daughter likes to build and is a Sesame Street Fan, this toy will be a hit.

You can purchase this and other K'NEX products on the K'NEX Online Shop and through many other major toy retailers, such as Toys R Us,, Target, and Walmart.


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Thank you to K'NEX and Team Mom for providing us with a review product free of charge.