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Review: Hyland's Motion Sickness Homeopathic Remedy

About 2-1/2 months ago, we discovered the hard way that our kindergartner gets motion sickness on buses. I felt so badly. Starting kindergarten at a brand new school must have been stressful enough without the anxiety about vomitting on a school bus full of children.

After multiple discussions with the school nurse, we tried various things, including having my son sit at the front of the bus, having him look out the window, eating one or two saltines in the morning, and even magnetic wrist bands. At times we tried all of those things in unison and my son still got sick.

Thank goodness another mom I know came forward to tell me that she had experienced something similar with her own son in past years. She is the one who recommended Hyland's Motion Sickness. When I found out that these tablets contained no medicine and were safe for children 6 and up, I sent my husband right out to find them. This was no easy task by the way. The local Vitamin Shoppe said that they could special order it for me and none of the larger pharmacies carried this product. We did end up finding Hyland's Motion Sickness it at Whole Foods, which has a large selection of homeopathic products.

Since we began using the these tablets almost 2 months ago, our son has only gotten slightly sick once on the school bus. We only have to give him one tablet in the morning. Since he is in half-day kindergarten, the effects of that one A.M. tablet lasts long enough to keep working for his bus ride home. We do still give him only a small breakfast and at least one saltine in the in the morning. That and the Hyland's seems to be the right formula to overcome my son's motion sickness.

I also would like to point out that these tablets dissolve on the tongue instantly. Plus for a kindergartner to take them daily without any complaints, one can safely assume that the tablets are not unpleasant in taste or texture. I am particularly thankful for my son's willingness to take these daily without a battle.

To learn more about Hyland's Motion Sickness tablets, visit, where you can view the list of active ingredients. While you are there, you can also find other adult and child-safe homeopathic remedies for various conditions.

Thank you to Hyland's for providing us with a review product free of charge.