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Review: Disney Our Storybook Christmas Gift Basket from Hickory Farms

Look who's paying a visit to Hickory Farms this holiday season! It's Mickey Mouse!!

Hickory Farms is featuring two Mickey Mouse gift baskets this year. This one is called "Our Storybook Christmas Gift Box" and includes summer sausage, Monterey Jack cheese, toasted crackers, assorted holiday cookies, a porcelain dessert plate featuring Mickey Mouse, and a hardcover Disney storybook titled "Mickey's Night Before Christmas". These goodies come in a ready-to-wrap gift box.

What my family and I thought about this holiday gift basket from Hickory Farms:

1) I thought the gift set was presented very nicely. Everything from the design on the box to the poem inside to the protective tissue and bubble wrap, all give a very high perception of quality, which is what you want when gifting a gift basket.

2) I think this set is perfect for a family. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

3) Of the four types of cookies, my favorite were the Raspberry Jelly Drops, while my husband preferred the Sprinkle Stars and our kindergartner loved the Pinwheel Sugar cookies. The twins were not as discriminant.

4) I was surprised that the children took to the savory treats just as much as the sweets. Between the three children and my husband, they almost finished all the cheese, sausage, and crackers in one sitting. The only item the kids did not finish were the toasted crackers.

This gift basket retails for $40 and would make a nice gift for an entire family, as opposed to giving token gifts to each family member. To view this and other gourmet gifts offered by Hickory Farms, visit .

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Hickory Farms and received a Hickory Farms gift basket to facilitate my review.