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Review: Disney Character Musical Hand Wash Timer

With the nationwide scare of the regular and H1N1 flues, proper hand washing is more important than ever. As you can imagine, many children (and adults) are in such a rush that they do not wait for the water to get hot enough, do not use enough soap, and do not wash for a sufficient amount of time. That is why I wanted my children to try these extremely affordable musical hand wash timers. I thought my entire family . . . toddlers, kindergartners, and adults alike, would benefit from this product.

These Disney hand wash timers only sell for $3.99 each and are currently available in Disney Pixar Cars' Lightning McQueen and The Little Mermaid's Ariel. When pushed down upon, these timers play one tune and light up for 20 to 25 seconds and the user is not to stop washing until the music stops. I believe additional characters are coming soon.

What I thought about these musical hand wash timers:

1) The characters chosen to appear on these timers were a big hit with my children. These particular Disney characters are universally known by children and were a smart choice.

2) These timers are soft and somewhat flexible. I found them very easy to install on top of my liquid soap dispensers.

3) One does not need to push down hard to start the timer, just enough so that the soap comes out of the dispenser. This makes it very user-friendly for small children.

4) The quality of the music completely surpassed my expectations. It was as good as a ringtone on a mobile phone.

5) The batteries cannot be replaced in these timers. Normally, this would bother me, but since each timer is said to last over 1000 hand washings and the timer itself is so affordable, this is something I can live with. It would cost just as much to purchase a battery as it would to buy a new timer.

This timer has really helped my family, especially my kindergartner. He would be done washing his hands before you could blink. This hand wash timer makes him slow down to wash his hands properly. I definitely think this product would make a fun, but practical stocking stuffer for the holidays.

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