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Review: BRUGO Travel Mug with Temperature Control Chamber

My husband loves taking hot coffee or hot cocoa in the car with him on cold mornings. We have not had much luck with travel mugs over the past decade. We've tried ceramic ones, stainless steel, plastic, and even disposable to-go cups. None of them seemed to be able to keep the hot beverage off my husband's clothes or the dashboard of our car.

The BRUGO Travel Mug is the first one we've found that neither leaks around the seal nor has a flow that is too fast, which could cause the hot beverage to run down the side of the mug or my husband's chin. In addition to this, the BRUGO mug was designed with a patented Temperature Control Chamber, which is a separate section in the mug. This chamber allows your coffee to not be scalding when you sip it.

What my husband and I thought about the BRUGO Travel Mug:

1) The first thing I noticed about this mug was that it is attractively designed. The stainless steel finish gives it a modern look, plus there are 12 colors to choose from.

2) This mug holds 16oz of liquid, which is more than enough for my husband.

3) My husband was thinking that he would not like a travel mug without a handle, but he actually found that he did not need one and this ergonomically designed mug was very comfortable to hold.

4) This mug's double-wall insulation does a very good job of keeping my husband's coffee hot.

5) When ordered online, this mug comes in a ready-to-wrap box. When purchased locally, it may be sold with or without a box depending on how the retailer displays their BRUGOs.

6) This mug comes with 3 sensible settings. The "lock" position prevents any liquid from coming out of the main section of the mug, but still allows it to come out of the cooling chamber. The "Tip & Cool" position allows the user to tip the mug so some of the hot beverage can enter the cooling chamber. The "Sip" position allows the user to bypass the cooling chamber and to sip their beverage freely.

7) Both my husband and I thought that the dial was tight. We both could turn it, but neither of us could do it without using two hands. This is something to keep in mind if you are operating a vehicle.

8) Ultimately the "Tip & Cool" feature does work. The user must tip the cup away from himself to fill the chamber with hot liquid and then tip it towards himself to sip. My husband says the beverage does not cool down instantly, but you should be able to sip from the cooling chamber after about 5 to 10 seconds or so.

The BRUGO is definitely a gift to consider for anyone who commutes or travels regularly. It would even make a great gift for someone to use at their desk.

You can order BRUGO mugs directly from the store on or look for them locally at a dealer near you.

Thank you to BRUGO Mugs by JOLEX for providing us with a review product free of charge.