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A Mother Must Protect Her Young

On the upcoming episode of The New Adventures of Old Christine, Julia Louis-Dreyfus's character (Old Christine) attempts to bribe a girl into keeping her date for the school dance with her son Ritchie. I have to say, as a mother, that resorting to bribery does not seem too far out there when it comes to protecting your child.

I know that my nearly 6 year old son probably does not remember this, but when he was smaller, these older kids tried to bully him at the playspace in the mall. They told him that he was not allowed on the a particular play structure. Having overheard this, I went over to my son, picked him up and put him on the structure. Then a stared at the bully daring him to say something else.

I'm sure as my son gets older, we will be adding more to the list of things I would do to protect him and bribery could very well be one of them. After all, a mother must protect her young, right?

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