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I Should Have Used the Free Personal Shopper Service from Tiny*Prints

I am extremely excited that my holiday photo cards have shipped from Tiny*Prints! I will, of course, share them with you when they arrive.

I just wanted to state how I regret not taking advantage of the new Tiny*Prints Personal Shopper Service, which is free until November 15th, 2009. Because I am such a control freak, I ended up spending about 4 hours looking through the vast selection of designer holiday cards repeatedly, thus driving my husband crazy. It took the first two hours for me to narrow my choices down to ten. Then another hour for me to narrow it down to five. After my husband picked his favorite of those 5, I spent the last hour trying decide if I should go with the red or the white card.

So if you are planning on ordering your holiday cards before the 15th of this month, I highly recommend that you try this free service. It will probably save you quite a bit of time and frustration.

Also, before you order, check out this page for current Tiny*Prints Coupon Codes and Promotions.

Look for my "Shop 'n' Share" post coming up soon about my holiday cards from Tiny*Prints!