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Holiday Gift Ideas from Whole Foods

If you are someone who likes to get things done efficiently, then you will want to know that you can do some of your holiday shopping while you are grocery shopping at Whole Foods. This retailer of natural and organic products offers a wide range of holiday gifts ideas.

I know most of you must have at least one toy to buy this year. Take a look at this 37pc Roy Toy's Log Cabin Playset that you can pick up for under $10 at Whole Foods. This toy is earth-friendly and is treated with food-grade dyes. Another plus is that it comes in a ready-to-wrap box.

My kindergartner loves his log cabin set. The first time he assembled it, he did need some guidance, but after that, he was able to figure out where each piece goes by using logic and problem-solving skills. Soon he was experimenting with trying to reconfigure the pieces to build something new.

A great item for a hostess gift or to add to a pampering gift basket is EO Liquid Hand Soaps. Although you can purchase this EO product at other select retailers, the Cinnamon Spice and the Evergreen Mint are exclusive to Whole Foods. You cannot even purchase them on the EO website.

What makes this hand soap special is that it is made of natural essential oils and organic ingredients. This product also does not use any animal testing. Because this soap is ph balanced and is all natural, it is suitable for all ages to use. With EO, you do not have to give up scented liquid soap because you have an infant or if someone in your home has sensitive skin.

In addition to these gifts, Whole Foods also carries ImagiPlay toys, reusable tote bags, candles, chocolates, wine, plants, scarves, nuts, Burt's Bees products, and much more. For other great gift ideas, visit .

Thank you to Whole Foods for providing us with sample products free of charge.