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A Fun Afternoon With Holly & Hal Moose

Last Saturday, the whole family was invited to an afternoon of Build-A-Bear fun. At noontime, we visited our local Build-A-Bear Workshop . . . a store that our kindergartner admittedly likes more than the playspace at the mall. There the twins made a Holly and Hal Moose and our kindergartner ended up choosing a Peace Bear.

Our nearly 3yr old Luke jumped right in. It was not the twins' first visit to Build-A-Bear, so he knew what to do. The associate who stuffed our animals did great with him. He truly made the experience special.

Big brother Jake had to step in to help work the pedal for stuffing the animals. He gladly did it since he was an old pro at it.

Here are the kids washing their animals before we picked out outfits and accessories for them. Our daughter Makenzie was finally getting into the moment with the help of her father. We ended up selecting elf outfits for Holly & Hal and Jake chose a musical MP3 player for his bear.

After lunch we went across the street to attend one of seven movie premieres across the country of Holly and Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure. It was the twins' first trip to the movie theater so they were slightly nervous. Makenzie was not brave enough to join in on the photo opp with the life size Holly and Hal.

Before the movie began, the store manager of our local Build-A-Bear Workshop introduced the Marine who was collecting toys for Toys For Tots and the stars of the movie Holly and Hal Moose.

We had brought our own Holly and Hal to enjoy the movie with us.

It was lots of fun watching the colorful lights on Hal's antlers after the lights went down in the movie theater. (By the way, the movie reveals why Hal has Christmas lights on his antlers.)

Although the twins were a little anxious about what to expect at the movie theater, a little bit of popcorn and Welch's Fruit Snacks helped to ease their nerves.

I won't tell you too much about the movie, except that the whole family enjoyed it very much. I do think that this film could become a new holiday classic. It answered some questions about Santa that the children of today may be wondering. Also, you may want to be prepared to pick up some blueberry muffins on Christmas Eve.

You can watch the television premiere of this new Holly and Hal Christmas movie tonight (11/24) on ABC Family at 7pm EST.

Thank you to Build-A-Bear Workshop for inviting us to make a Holly & Hal Moose in-store and to attend the Holly & Hal Moose movie premiere.