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For Better or For Worse: Husband By Day . . . Bug Hunter By Night

Our cat Zorro use to be the official "bug hunter" in his more athletic days. He was actually very good at catching bugs, both flying and crawly ones. Now our robust cat just likes to roll over on his back and watch them fly around.

I have no idea why there are flies outside in New England at the end of November, but they have been sighted. It wouldn't bother me so much except these flies have decided it would be smarter to find a warmer place to sleep. So, I have spotted at least three in the house yesterday.

For some reason, the flies are attracted to the pull chains on the ceiling fans and like to rest there. I've noticed the same attraction to balloon strings too. Anyways, my dear husband has perfected a technique for doing away with them without any swatting or splatting or mess of any kind. All he does is hold a paper towel underneath where the fly is perched. Then he sprays it with glass cleaner or linen spray . . . whatever we have handy. The spray immediately disables the fly and it falls right into the paper towel. Even though I can't stand bugs, I am still fascinated by this and find myself watching every single time.