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Fatherly Advice

Even though Hank Pryor (Kelsey Grammer's character on the ABC sitcom Hank) has not historically been a hands-on dad, you have to commend him for making an effort. He could actually take some lessons from my husband, who is an involved dad, about how to relate to his children. After all, treating his family like employees of a corporation, however valued, is just not working out for Hank.

Some of the best advice my husband has ever given our oldest son is that making mistakes is expected, but how one handles the results of those mistakes is what's important. He encouraged my son to be honest about his mistakes and to trust that it is always the right thing to come to us with the truth. Another difference between Hank and my husband is that my husband would more likely quote Yoda than he would a dead president while giving advice to our children.

I am curious to watch the "Hanksgiving" episode scheduled to air Wednesday night at 8pm EST on ABC. This is the episode when we get to meet Hank's mother-in-law. If you've missed the first few episodes of the first season of Hank, you can watch the full episodes on .

I have been hired by Warner Bros to help raise awareness for Hank.