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Another Classic Holiday Gift Idea!

Not too long ago, I suggested that the White Christmas Anniversary DVD would be a great gift for anyone you are stumped on for gift ideas. Well, here is another great classic, but this one comes with a little something extra.

This is your chance to introduce or reintroduce this 1946 Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed classic to someone you know. Perhaps you will help someone start a new tradition of watching this holiday movie every year on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

This It's A Wonderful Life 2-Disc Collector's Gift Set comes with a limited edition bell ornament. It's packaged nicely and would make a perfect gift for a co-worker, a neighbor, or a family where you don't want to gift something too personal. You can't go wrong with a family-friendly movie!

Thank you to Click-Communications for sending me this collector's gift set to gift to someone this holiday.