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10 Cold Weather Fitness Tips for Kids

It's not easy to keep your children moving during the winter. Here are some tips to help keep your children active during the colder months.


From Cheryl Jones, Creator of Sports Clubs for Kids at Town Sports International

1) Don’t be afraid of the cold: Bundle up and encourage outside play times. If there is snow on the ground…go sledding or tubing, have a snowball fight, build a snow man, make snow angels or just go for a fun hike.

2) Enroll your child in an instructional class: swimming, dance, gymnastics or indoor sports classes.

3) Find indoor activities at your local skating rink, bowling alley, laser tag center or rock climbing gym.

4) Discover a local community center or health club with basketball courts, pools and/or tennis courts. Shoot hoops, swim or volley tennis balls across the net.

5) Rent or purchase a children’s fitness video. Instead of watching cartoons and playing video games--push the couch and tables out of the way and workout together.

6) Turn up the volume! Download your children’s favorite music and just dance. Have your kids re-enact their own music video, video tape them and play it back for hours of fun!

7) Check out kids fitness classes or mommy and me group exercise classes at your local health club or gym.

8) Create an obstacle course in your house. Set up stations in your family room or throughout your house. Tunnels, hula hoops, jump ropes, steps and physio balls are great props for an exciting playtime.

9) Summer is not the only time for camp! Look for school’s out holiday camps and mini clinics at your local health club or community center. Kids can enroll in half day or full day activities.

10) Don’t forget the game of Twister. This game is an all time favorite for kids and adults! And other classic games like Duck Duck Goose and Freeze Tag can be played at any time.