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Review: TinkerBell And The Lost Treasure

Since my family loves almost anything and everything Disney, I predicted that they would enjoy the newly released TinkerBell And The Lost Treasure, which is now available in a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack. With Mae Whitman returning as the voice of Tinkerbell plus an all-star cast, which includes Jesse McCartney, Anjelica Huston, Lucy Liu, and more, this movie sounded promising.

The premise of this film is based on TinkerBell's having been given the all-important responsibility of creating a new Fall Sceptre, which will replenish the supply of pixie dust for the community of Pixie Hollow. Without this magical dust, the pixies will be unable to fly. Of course, things do not proceed as smoothly as TinkerBell would have hoped.

Terence (Tink's best friend) & TinkerBell

The entire film is centered around the theme of friendship. TinkerBell is so focused on her goal that she does not appreciate the efforts her friends (both old and new) are making to help her achieve her goal. During her adventure, TinkerBell learns that true friendship is a rare treasure and that she should have treated her friends with kindness and patience, rather than viewing them as a nuisance and blaming them when things went wrong.

TinkerBell & Blaze

I invite you to watch this clip of the two trolls (played by Jeff Bennett and Rob Paulsen) who mind the troll bridge. These two have been friends for many hundreds of years. They show both TinkerBell and the audience that it is possible to argue and disagree and still maintain a true friendship.

Overall, I think this film is worth viewing. It was able to hold the attention of all three of my children during the entire 80 minutes. That is no easy feat. Even my husband, who was skeptical about a film based on fairies, admitted that he did enjoy the movie very much. I also want to add that including a series of bloopers in the bonus features was brilliant.

Currently you can buy this 2-disc combo set of TinkerBell And The Lost Treasure at the Disney Store or at other local and online retailers of Disney movies.

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