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Review: Playskool Dino-Roars Monty Rex

The latest member of our menagerie is just as noisy and playful as the rest, except he never makes a mess and does not cost a fortune to feed. Of course we all know that dinosaurs are extinct, but this Dino-Roars Monty Rex by Playskool is the next best thing. He stands about 15" high and is programmed to interact with your child in several different ways.

The Monty Rex roars, eats, burps, sniffs, wags his tail, purrs, snorts, stomps, and even swings his tail to his own music. The majority of Monty's tricks only happen as an appropriate reaction to something your child does.

Take a minute to watch this video of our kindergartner Jake interacting with Monty Rex . . .

What my family and I thought about this interactive toy dinosaur:

1) Our nearly six year old son Jake was drawn to Monty Rex instantly. My husband and I also gave him a pretty high coolness rating. Our 2-1/2 yr old son was indifferent towards this toy and his twin sister was slightly afraid of Monty's roar and large teeth.

2) I like how the interactions have different levels. For example, if you feed Monty Rex, he chomps and makes ravenous sounds. If you feed him many times consecutively, he will burp.

3) The dinosaur's head, jaw, arms, legs, and tail all move. Although he must seem extremely realistic to a child, if his eyes moved also, it would have made him that much more realistic.

4) My kindergartner says his favorite thing about Monty is that he stomps. This toy actually walks while making stomping sounds. I think what actually appeals to my son is that the dinosaur moves without a remote control like his other R/C toys.

5) Some of Monty's actions were easier to trigger than others. For example, he roars every time someone roars at him. Also, the buttons along his back were consistent and triggered him to roar, wag his tail, and walk fairly easily. The trigger for eating inside Monty's mouth, the one for purring under his chin, and the one for snorting/sniffing on his nose were not as easy to push at times.

6) I think it would have been a nice touch to include a plastic bone rather than one made of cardboad, which does not hold up very well when played with repeatedly.

7) Even as an adult, I thing that this toy has a lot of personality. I find him to be endearing, even when he is trying to be ferocious.

I think a child who is not skiddish would love to find this toy under the tree Christmas morning. You can find Monty Rex and more animals from the Playskool Kota & Pals line on .

Thank you to Hasbro Playskool for providing us with a review product free of charge.