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Review: Monsters vs Aliens (Double DVD Pack)

On September 29th, 2009, Dreamworks Home Entertainment released this Monsters vs Aliens Double DVD Pack, which contains a bonus 3D DVD titled B.O.B.'s Big Break. After watching the featured presentation Monsters vs Aliens, I could see why B.O.B.'s character (voice by Seth Rogen) was chosen to be featured in a short film and why he was selected to promote other Dreamworks films on DVD this fall. He certainly is the most endearing character in the film and he was the one who made my 5yr old son laugh out loud the most.

What I thought about this double DVD set:

1) There are some themes in Monsters vs Aliens that are aimed more at tweens, teens, and adults, such as Susan's (voice by Reese Witherspoon) realization of her self-worth and how her almost-husband never considered her happiness while pursuing his career goals.

2) Although the theme of a government conspiring to hide the existence of monsters, aliens, and other life forms is not a novel one, it was new to my son and the premise seemed to interest him.

3) Out of all the characters, B.O.B.'s was my son's favorite. His character was not only innocent to a fault, but he was capable of performing acts of physical comedy that none of the other characters could do, such passing the time by playing ball off-the-wall with his one eyeball.

4) Though I found Monsters vs Aliens to be entertaining as an adult, I think my son enjoyed it much more because children are much easier to please. To him, having the military personnel be required to scan their behinds for security purposes is genius.

5) I thought the B.O.B.'s Big Break bonus DVD was cute, but it would not impact my decision to buy or not to buy the Monsters vs Aliens DVD.

As I had previously stated, I did find the film Monsters vs Aliens to be entertaining. Also, the animation was skillful as to be expected from Dreamworks Animation. I simply was not wowed by this movie overall, as I have been in the past with Kungfu Panda and Madagascar.

You can find this 2-DVD set on or at most local and online retailers of quality children's DVDs.

Thank you to Dreamworks Home Entertainment for providing us with a review product free of charge.