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Review: LeapFrog Tag Reader Book "Pirates! The Treasure of Turtle Island"

If your child does not already have a Tag Reader System by LeapFrog, you should consider putting it on his or her wish list this year. My son Jake just loves his. Go here to read my Tag Reader review.

If your child does already have a Tag Reader, then you should be all set for gift ideas this year. Several new titles for Tag Reader books have been released for fall 2009. Plus, if your child's Tag book collection is growing, you may want to consider picking up the Tag Storage Case. This case securely holds the Tag pen and several Tag books. We only own four currently, but I estimate that this case can hold about 7 hardcover Tag books. I have to say that this hard shell handled case has been the perfect way to keep my son's Tag books protected and separate from the rest of our library of children's books.

Since there are so many choices in titles available for Tag Books, I thought it would be helpful if I could share my thoughts about the books that we have had a chance to experience. Look for reviews of additional titles in coming weeks.

What I thought about "Pirates! The Treasure of Turtle Island" (for ages 5-7):

1) The theme behind this books is the classic one of good vs. evil. What is unusual about this story is that the good side is represented by a family of pirates. One does not often think of pirates as being good and one certainly does not think of pirates as the type to raise a family.

2) One cool thing about this book is that your child can select a pirate nickname from several different combinations that will be heard throughout the book when your child is addressed. For example, one of Jake's pirate nicknames was "Blue Beard".

3) Some of the main phonics lessons in this book teach your child different ways to turn a short "A" vowel sound into a long "A" vowel sound. Another lesson shows your child the different vowel sounds a "Y" can make. Although there is not a formal lesson, there is a theme of words containing double consonants.

4) As with all Tag books, this book has some activities that are available in 3 difficulty levels. Level one is clearly easy for my son, but I he often sticks with it because he is comfortable there. I need to teach him that it's okay to challenge himself. This and the other Tag books are slowly showing him that.

5) Jake has used this book many times and there are still new things to discover everytime he sits down with it. That's one of the things I love about Tag books. They keep Jake's interest for quite a long time.

If your child has any interest in pirates, I think he or she would enjoy this book. You can learn more about this Pirates! Tag Activity Storybook by visiting .

Thank you to LeapFrog for providing us with a review product free of charge.