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Review: ERGObaby Doll Carrier . . . Just Like Mommy's

Since my daughter has a fascination with backpacks, it occurred to me one day that she would probably love to have a soft carrier for her dolls. It has been almost 6 months since I made it my mission to find the right doll carrier that was a good fit for my daughter, user-friendly, and realistic.

I found many slings that looked like the real thing, but I was not impressed at all by the selection of toy soft carriers out there. That was until I came across this ERGObaby Doll Carrier. This toy soft carrier looks exactly like the adult version for which ERGObaby is so famous. This doll carrier sells for just $25. I cannot tell you how many unrealistic carriers I saw that cost that much or more.

What I thought about our ERGObaby Doll Carrier:

1) I think the perfect doll carrier would allow my daughter to be active and to keep up with her brothers, while still being able to bring one of her dolls along for the adventure. This doll carrier by ERGObaby does just that. It can be worn on the front or the back. As you can see, she can do almost anything, including playing monster trucks, without worrying about her doll falling out or the straps slipping off her shoulders.

2) I was amazed at how similar in design and quality this "toy" was to the real ERGObaby soft carriers. It even has the genuine label sewn right in.

3) I love this sweet and girly Heartrose print. I do want to point out that ERGObaby recently added the Galaxy Gray Doll Carrier, which is gray with stars, and would be perfect for a boy or a girl. I'm glad to see that ERGObaby is including boys in using this toy carrier since so many men use their product.

4) I very much like that the shoulder straps are generously padded, as is the wide waistband.

5) My little peanut of a daughter will be turning 3 in January. We were lucky that the shoulder straps are fully adjustable on the sides as well as the straps at the waist area. The doll carrier fit perfectly when we adjusted the straps as small as they would go. This means this toy will last us for at least a few years, which adds even more to its value.

6) Although my daughter cannot yet secure and undo the fastener on her own, I think she will learn to do it over time.

7) Many of my daughter's dolls were much too small for this carrier. The 16" Cabbage Patch Kid is the largest doll she owns and it works in the ERGObaby doll carrier just fine, but I think this doll carrier would fit an 18" doll perfectly.

I think this is a unique reasonably priced high quality product that should definitely make it onto your holiday shopping list for at least one deserving child this year. This toy will be used for pretend play for years to come and costs half the price of a video game that may only be played with for a few months, if that.

You can purchase this doll carrier in 3 different prints right on the ERGObaby website. You can also find this product on and at many online boutiques.

Thank you to ERGObaby for providing us with a review product free of charge.