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Review: Dr. Seuss "Green Eggs and Ham" Tag Reader Book

Since there are at least 25 Tag Reader books offered by LeapFrog, I have been sharing my nearly 6yr old son's and my impressions based on our personal experiences with specific books. Hopefully, this will help you to choose the books that best fit your child's needs and skill levels.

My son already owned a standard print book version of "Green Eggs and Ham", so we knew before opening this Dr. Seuss book that it was one of his favorites. That being said, this Tag Reader book brings the characters to life by giving each one a voice without eliminating the benefit of reading by utilizing video. My son very much enjoys hearing the fox speak and laugh in particular.

The developmental areas on which this book concentrates are following instructions from memory, rhyming, and critical thinking based on knowledge about the story and each character. My son may be slightly above his grade level when it comes to these skills, but the majority of activities in this book were far too easy for him. This is the first Tag Reader book I've come across so far that does not offer 3 skill levels within the activities.

Ultimately, I think this book is perfect for a 4 or 5 year old . . . maybe 6, but definitely not up to 8 years old like LeapFrog recommends. An 8 year old would still enjoy reading the story, but the activities would most likely be less than challenging.

If your child does not already own the book "Green Eggs and Ham", then there is no risk in purchasing the Tag Reader version. He or she is likely to enjoy the story even when the games and activities are outgrown.

You can find the Tag "Green Eggs and Ham" on or most places, both locally and online, that sell LeapFrog learning toys.

Thank you to Leapfrog for providing us with a review product free of charge.