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Review: Big Kid's SleepSack Wearable Blanket by Halo

As infants grow into toddlers, the concern about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) decreases quite a bit. Many parents of toddlers still wish that they could continue to have the convenience of a SleepSack to eliminate the trouble of having to check on their child throughout the night to make sure they have not kicked off their blankets. This is normally not practical for toddlers who have begun or have mastered standing and walking, but Halo has come up with a solution.

This respected company offers an Early Walker SleepSack and a Big Kids SleepSack which has openings for your child's feet. Our nearly 3yr old twins and our kindergartner all kick their covers off in the middle of the night, so I was pleased to find that these wearable blankets for big kids come in sizes 2T/3T and 4T/5T.

What I thought about these Big Kid's Halo SleepSacks:

1) These wearable blankets are very roomy. Both twins have plenty of room to grow. I was concerned about the 4T/5T not fitting our nearly 6yr old son, but his SleepSack fits just fine.

2) The micro-fleece is soft, warm, and cuddly inside and out.

3) I was concerned about whether the twins would have problems climbing in and out of their beds while wearing their SleepSacks, but they did not. We did not allow our kindergartner to sleep in his because he sleeps in the top of a bunkbed and we were afraid he would not be able to climb up and down the ladder very easily.

4) The wide knit cuffs do a great job of keeping the SleepSack from sliding over the child's feet.

5) These wearable blankets are excellent to use for reading or watching a movie during the colder months.

6) These micro-fleece SleepSacks washed very well. I did not see any signs of pilling, which sometimes occurs on fleece of lesser quality.

7) I should also point out that these SleepSacks are flame-resistant. I cannot say the same about the blankets with which my children normally sleep.

8) These Halo wearable blankets did take some getting use to. Mainly the part we struggled with was getting the twins to wear socks while they slept.

9) Although this is not a problem for us yet, depending on their age, I imagine that these blankets would make children who are in the late stages of potty training a little less independent. I do think that a preschooler should be able to unzip the SleepSack on their own quickly enough to make it to the potty on time.

Ultimately, using these Big Kid's SleepSacks eliminated the need for our twins to call out for us in the middle of the night to fix their blankets. It also gave us the peace of mind not having to poke our heads in to check on them. This is a big help since we have very high maintenance nighttime toddlers who will find any excuse to call for Mommy and Daddy to come to them.

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