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Giveaway & Review: Futura Laptop Desk w/MouzPad (3 Winners) [CLOSED]

One of the reasons my husband prefers a PC over a laptop for gaming is having the accuracy of a mouse. When he does use his notebook for playing online games, he usually sits at the dining room table so that he can use a mouse comfortably. That is why I thought this sleek looking laptop desk called the Futura Laptop Desk with MouzPad by LapWorks would be the perfect solution for him.

What my husband thought about his Futura Laptop Desk and Regular MouzPad:

1) My husband thought this laptop desk was surprisingly strong. The desk and the MouzPad is made of high-impact ABS plastic.

2) He liked how the MouzPad easily snaps on and off to suit his particular needs at any given time.

3) Another nice feature is that the MouzPad can also be attached on the left side of the laptop desk for those who are left-handed.

4) In addition to being a laptop desk, the Futura also serves as a tabletop lift, which allows airflow to keep your notebook computer cooler without the use of extra fans.

5) When in the lift position, the built-in grippers do an excellent job of keep the laptop in place without any worries of it shifting or sliding off at an angle.

6) The lift angle is adjustable. This is especially important to cater to the individual user's comfort.

7) Even with the MouzPad attached, the lightweight Futura folds compactly to a 1/2" thickness and can be tucked into a laptop bag easily.

8) The Futura accommodates a 15.4" laptop very well. Since we do not own a 17" laptop currently, we can only predict that this laptop desk would be on the edge of accommodating a notebook computer of that size.

9) My husband thinks this desk would work particularly well when traveling on a plane or another mode of transportation where you have an arm rest. At home, if he plans to be using the Futura for awhile, he will tuck a toss pillow under his right arm, which is the one that uses the mouse.

10) For obvious reasons, you will need to have a light touch when using the mouse because you will only have the weight of your laptop to counter the weight your hand puts on the MouzPad. We have not had any problems with the MouzPad detaching from the weight of my husband's hand.

11) Although it does not affect the accuracy of the mouse, my husband would prefer if the MouzPad had less texture. It is just a tactile preference and he is certain that he would eventually get to a point where he would not notice it anymore.

12) Another thing my husband needed to become accustomed to, is the mouse area. He is use to having unlimited space on the dining room table, so the Regular MouzPad surface seems a little bit limited. This would not be a problem if he had a high resolution mouse though.

13) My husband's laptop has feet and vents out the back, so it was difficult for him to judge how well the Futura allows air flow while it is sitting on his lap. We can say that the large cutouts in the desk appear to leave plenty of room for proper ventilation. Plus the desk is plastic, so it should not transfer heat from your laptop to your lap like metal would.

The Futura Laptop Desk by LapWorks is available for purchase with or without the MouzPad. The price difference is not significant, so I would recommend having the option of the detachable MouzPad, especially if you might use it for travel. If you like to use the touchpad on your laptop or are comfortable using your optical mouse on the sofa cushion, then you can simply leave the MouzPad off.

To learn more about the ergonomics of using a laptop, visit . When I announce the winner of this contest after November 19th, I will also be offering you my readers a special discount of 20% off on your next purchase. If a laptop desk is on your holiday shopping list this year, be sure to check back for the promo code.

Thank you to LapWorks for providing us with both a review product and contest prizes free of charge.

What you can win:
THREE lucky readers will each receive a Futura Laptop Desk w/Regular MouzPad (ARV $39.95 each).

This giveaway is open to U.S. addresses only. You do not need to be a blogger to enter, but you must have a valid email address and be age 18 years or older. If you enter anonymously and do not include a valid email address in your comment entries, I will not be able to notify you should you win this random drawing.

How to Gain Entries:
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Good luck in the drawing!