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For Better or For Worse: Santa Has High Standards

Last year, our son Jake (who is now almost 6) wanted to ask Santa for a toy cleaning cart that he saw in a catalog. My husband thought that the gift from Santa should have more of an "Ooooooo Aaaaaaaaaah" factor, so he talked my son into asking for a train set, which Santa did end up bringing for Jake and topped it off with a train table.

This year, I asked Jake what he wanted to write to Santa for and he told me that he wanted a cleaning cart. So I figured that since, a whole year later, Jake was still thinking about that cleaning cart which he never received, that we should ask Santa to bring him one this year. After all, he must really want one if he is still thinking about it.

Well, my husband's feelings had not changed about the Oooooooing and the Aaaaaaaaahing. He really did not want a cleaning cart to be the big gift from Santa, while I thought that there is no harm in Santa's bringing a less-than-elaborate gift if that is what will make Jake happy. So we had to compromise. We ended up buying the cleaning cart for him and putting it aside as a toy that Jake will have to earn. Now everybody is happy.