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Boston's 2009 Halloween Town Fundraiser

On Sunday, my family and I attended Halloween Town, the annual fundraiser for "The Kids Fund" at Boston Medical Center presented by iParty. It took place at the the Seaport World Trade Center of Boston. The event was scheduled for 10am to 6pm, so we planned on arriving around 10am. That way we would be sure to catch the 11am Dan Zanes and Friends performance and we would be done in time for the twins to take a mid-afternoon nap.

In addition to the price of admission, Halloween Town visitors had plenty of additional chances to support Boston Medical Center, including purchasing Halloween-themed balloons, grabbing a bite to eat, making a souvenir t-shirt, going through the Haunted Mine, and more. Thanks to iParty, dozens of generous sponsors, and a countless number of volunteers, Halloween Town went all out with decorations, games, live entertainment, and lots of fun characters for the children to spot.

"The Mayor of Halloween Town"

"Sal Perisano, the CEO of iParty"

"Dan Zanes and Friends"

I have to say that I think my son Luke might be Dan Zanes biggest fan. He was so quiet and intimidated by the large amounts of people, but when Dan Zanes and Friends began to play, he did not stop smiling until the performance concluded. Luke applauded after every number and even got up to dance for a few songs, all while grinning ear-to-ear. My husband and I just had to buy him a Dan Zanes t-shirt so he could be an official Dan Zanes groupy.

"Luke Watching Dan Zanes and Friends"

"Jake & Makenzie Enjoying the Music"

The event was divided into many rooms. This room, which was sponsored by Zipcar, was Jake's favorite. There was an R/C raceway, a Mini Cooper and a Camaro in which children could sit and have their portraits taken, and this Mini Cooper that children were allowed to sign and doodle upon.

Amongst the many fun characters we spotted were Curious George, Spiderman, Elvis, the Disney Princesses, the Berenstain Bears, Captain America, and Clifford the Big Red Dog. My children were not brave enough to have their photos taken with any of them, but they happily gave them high fives.

"Spooky Decorations Provided by iParty"

"Entrance to the Haunted Mine"

One of the attractions we were able to enjoy as a family was the Haunted Mine. It was designed in a way that even the youngest visitors were not too frightened. As an adult, I think the tour through the mine could have last a little longer, but I think the small dose of fright was just the right size for a child.

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"Enjoying Pizza, Hot Dogs, and Soft Pretzels"

In addition to offering my family a 4-pack of tickets to attend this fun event, Halloween Town also provided another set of tickets for me to give away. I'd like to thank Halloween Town on behalf of the PTO of my son's elementary school for their generosity in allowing me to raffle the tickets off at the school's autumn fair fundraiser.

Thank you to Halloween Town for providing my family with tickets to attend this fundraising event.