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Two Birthdays This Week

My husband and I both turned a year older this week. Every year it gets a little more traumatic, especially for him since he is 3 years ahead of me and I am now halfway to 72.

For the past few years, since money has been a little tight, we usually skip gifts for each other and will make or buy something as a gift from the kids. This year I had ordered this Star Wars messenger bag as a present for my husband from the children. Unfortunately, it turned out to be sold out.

Since I didn't have any other ideas on such short notice, I convinced our 5yr old to make a video for his Dad. I am going to post it on my next Silly Monkey Stories, but you can click on this link if you'd like a sneak peak.

Jake's Video Birthday Gift

In addition to the video, our 5yr old always draws a card or picture for his Dad on behalf of himself and his younger siblings. Next year, they will be old enough to each make their own.

For my birthday, my husband surprised me with this card and gift from him and the kids. The gift was both original and thoughtful because I have been experiencing some major pain in my tooth once every few days. Who needs jewelry when you have Orajel, right?

Overall, it was a nice quiet week for us. My sister and BIL had sent us out to dinner last weekend for an early birthday gift. Then this week, my parents came over for a casual dinner and some birthday cake. YUM!!