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Shop 'n' Share: Eco-Friendly Laptop Bag from Kolobags

A few weeks ago, I won a $20GC to Kolobags just for being a fan of theirs on Facebook. Every month Kolobags does 2 drawings . . . one Twitter follower and one Facebook fan each receives a $20GC. The strange thing is that I had only been a member of Facebook for 2 or 3 days when I won. I'm so glad Kolobags is one of the first pages I became a fan of.

Since a laptop bag was on my mother's unofficial Christmas wishlist last year and she did not end up getting one, I thought that I would spend the gift certificate towards her Christmas gift for this year as a surprise. (Ummm . . . not sure if she actually reads my blog. So if she does, then it's not going to be a surprise anymore.)

Since my mother is a very practical person, I chose this Greensmart Commuter Brief Laptop Bag . . .

This one fits a notebook computer with a 17" screen, which was mainly what I was looking for. As a major bonus, this bag is made of 100% recycled materials. My mother is more than willing to be more green if someone actually hands her the tools to do it. I also like this bag because it is conservative, but not completely boring. The neon green zipper pulls add just the right touch of color. This bag is on sale for $33.99. So after the $20 GC, I paid less than $20 for the bag plus shipping. I'd say I did pretty well, wouldn't you?