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Review: X-Men Origins "Wolverine" (DVD)

My husband use to be a big fan of X-Men Marvel comic books. He even collected them years ago. He is why I even began to take interest in the X-Men film series. Since Hugh Jackman's character Wolverine is one of my favorites, I was excited to be able to review X-Men Origins: Wolverine on DVD, which hit store shelves recently on September 15th.

This film tells the tale of how a frail innocent boy named James Logan turns into a powerful mutant with a killer instinct like Wolverine. His story contains one carefully orchestrated tragedy or betrayal after another. Much is revealed during this film, including how Wolverine got his name, how his claws became blades, how Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart's character) comes into the picture, and much more.

What I thought about this X-Men DVD:

1) I thought the illustration of James' and Victor's (his half-brother's) immortality was very well done.

2) This film is action-packed and you will need to give it your undivided attention if you do not want to miss something important. For this reason, you will most likely enjoy watching this film more than once or twice.

3) It was nice that Ryan Reynolds' character Deadpool was deadly, yet had a touch of Reynold's comedic personality that I've grown to enjoy.

4) This film keeps you holding your breath because you never knew who will be next to betray or befriend Wolverine.

5) I did not expect the film to end when it did. It was very abrupt and the story seemed incomplete. It ended as a weekly television series would, leaving you wanting to tune in next week. Only in this case, the audience is left unsatisfied because there will be a much longer wait than 7 days for the story to resume, if it resumes at all.

Aside from the abrupt ending, I very much enjoyed this film. There was so much action and so many plot twists packed into 107 minutes that the time just flew by. If you are a fan of super hero films, I think this one is worth your time to watch.

You can find X-Men Origins: Wolverine on DVD and Blu-ray at and at most local and online retailers of quality movies.

Thank you to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment for providing us with a review product free of charge.