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Review: Looney Tunes Eating Right Kids School Lunches

As busy parents of school-aged children, we are torn between healthy snacks/lunches and convenience. If you are packing food for a picky eater, that just makes things even more complicated. To solve this common problem, Safeway and WB's Looney Tunes have joined forces to offer portable convenient foods that are also healthy and appealing to children. This new Eating Right Kids line is an offshoot of Safeway's existing Eating Right line for adults.

The items my children were able to try were the Eating Right Kids Fruit Cups, 100% Apple Juice, the Chewy Bars, and Kids Canned Pasta in a microwavable container. Other items available from the Eating Right Kids line are Watermelon Applesauce, Special Recipe White Bread, Fat Free Pudding, Fruits & Vegetable Snack Packs, various shaped Pastas, Frozen Entrees, and more. Eventually, these products will be replacing previously available products offered by Warner Bros. Consumer Products that do not meet the "better-for-you" standard, which was derived from the input of federal and state agencies regarding the dietary needs of children.

The big test for whether this new line of children's products is a good fit for my family is if my children will actually eat it. The Chewy Bar and the Fruit Cup were pretty much guaranteed to be a hit. The two items I was concerned about were the 100% apple juice and the microwavable pasta bowl. Those two items could go either way depending on their taste.

I am happy to report that my son thought that the apple juice tasted exactly as it should. He had no complaints about it being too bitter or too sour. Although, he said that he liked the pasta with meatballs very much, I have to conclude that it may be too saucy? He was not able to finish the whole container even though we split it up between two days.

Overall, I think the new Eating Right Kids line is on the right track. I look forward to seeing the selection of products grow. They do need to keep in mind that most schools do not have the capabilities of heating up lunches brought from home and anything chilled is only kept cold with an insulated lunch bag.

Look for Eating Right Kids products at Safeway locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Thank you to Team Mom, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, and Safeway for providing us with these review products free of charge.