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Mr. Big is Being Bad on "The Good Wife"

On September 22nd, the new Thursday night drama The Good Wife premieres on CBS. It may be difficult to resist tuning in if you are a fan of Julianna Margulies (of ER) and Chris Noth (of Law & Order and Sex and the City).

Nosh plays State Attorney Peter Florrick who, after being exposed in a sex scandal and for his involvement in political corruption, ends up in prison. This leaves his wife Alicia (played by Margulies) behind to pick up the pieces and return to her career as an attorney while raising two teenagers. Her story will reach out to many women who have gone through similar experiences after separation or divorce. It will be interesting to see Alicia's character slowly transform from the dutiful politician's wife to a career-oriented defense attorney.

(For mature audiences only)

As a thank you for sharing this new show with my readers, I received a gift card from YouCastCorp.