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Mommy Confessions: Slave Labor

It's been a strange few days. Lots of drama in our little lives. Not big huge drama, but medium-sized drama. One of the things that caused some drama in our house is something our kindergartner did that was a huge "no no" and something that endangered the life of one of his younger siblings.

I Confess . . .

After our son did this big "no no", my husband had a long serious talk with him about death and how it would affect everyone he loves. I really do think the talk made an impact on him and it really made him realize the severity of his actions.

Still we thought it would be fitting that we issue a formal punishment since our son did a big BIG "no no". It was really tough thinking of an effective punishment. We've never spanked him before and are saving it for a rainy day. He doesn't have any toys that would make a severe impact if we took it away because he has *cough* too many toys. Taking away television would cause him to have to leave the room and be unsupervised whenever the twins were watching television. We considered taking the twins somewhere fun and leaving our son home with me, but that would seem like we were rewarding the twins while punishing their brother.

So what we came up with is having him help my husband scrub our awful dingy stone tile floors this weekend. The tiles are not the hard part, but the grout in between is horrible. Is that too harsh of a punishment? It's one of the hardest chores in the house aside from cleaning the bathrooms and the bathtub.

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