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For Better or For Worse: Daddy Got the Look

Everyone knows that a father and his little girl always have a special relationship. The truth is that our little girl loves and respects her father and it would take a lot to change that even a little bit.

Well, tonight it may have happened. My husband did something so awful that he actually got "the look" from Makenzie. If you've never seen "the look", here is a watered down example of it . . .

I suppose you're wondering what my husband did to deserve such a punishment? Well, he did the unthinkable. Makenzie was foregoing her dinner and just eating the ketchup that was on her plate for dipping. So my husband removed said ketchup from her plate and she was just horrified and just plain ticked off.

So that's what my husband did to get "the look." The first time is always the hardest. I hope he'll get used to it before our daughter starts dating because I have a feeling we'll be seeing that look quite often by then.