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The First and Second Day of Kindergarten

On Thursday, our big boy Jake officially started kindergarten. He was very excited, but we could tell he was still a bit nervous. Here he is outside our house ready to walk to the school bus stop with his Dad. It was the first time he would be away from us, but not already safe and sound in school. I still wonder if he was as nervous as we were.

Jake's first day started out a little rocky. He got motion sickness on the bus, but luckily his clothes remained clean. I was a little panicked to receive a voicemail from the school nurse. It turned out that he was just fine and did not feel even a little bit sick after he got off the bus. Still, the nurse kept him with her for a half an hour and then he was able to join his class.

The rest of his day went great. He had no problems on the bus ride home. It took him awhile to start talking about his day, but when he did, he just kept going. His favorite part of the day was painting with watercolors. We had packed an extra snack just in case someone forgot theirs, but he said that nobody did. He got to sit next to a girl he knows from preschool on the bus ride home. He also told me that some of the kids were afraid to go to school.

The kindergarten teacher even called me that evening to tell me how great Jake did. She said that he was enthusiastic, participated in everything, followed directions well, and has a lot to offer to the class. My husband and I could not be more proud of Jake.


Here are Jake, the twins, and myself walking home from the school bus stop after Jake's second day at kindergarten. The twins very much enjoyed the walk and seeing the big yellow school bus.

Jake reported that his second day went just as well as the first. They even got to play outside on the playground for awhile.