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Creating With Colors Review: Mia MY Signature Jacket

This is a project that would be perfect for grade school children. When I saw the Mia MY Signature Jacket, I just knew I had to feature it in my Creating With Colors series. This is not your usual fabric marker/t-shirt project. The markers that come in the kit are washable, therefore this project can be repeated again and again until the jacket is outgrown.

Today's Project: Design a Signature Jacket

Ask your child to draw a design on their jacket that reflects their personality. (If your child is making this for a gift, make sure they think about what things the recipient would like to see on their jacket.)

Supplies Needed:

1) A Mia MY Jacket kit

2) (Optional) Stencils to help children who have not mastered drawing or lettering freehand yet.

What I thought about the Mia MY Signature Jacket kit:

1) Right off, I was very impressed at the presentation of the kit both inside and out. This product is clearly targeted towards tween girls and the packaging is very fun, colorful, and appealing.

2) The kit comes with four washable fabric markers (red, orange, pink, and blue) and a white jacket in your choice of size from a girl's size 4 to 14. Additional markers are available for order. I would loved to have seen more color choices in the extra sets of markets.

3) This is not a jacket you can pick up at your local crafts store. Here are some of the features that caught my attention about this boutique-quality jacket . . .
  • This jacket is made of extremely soft Cotton/Spandex.
  • It is very well-tailored, including darts, pleats, shirred pockets, shoulders, and cuffs.
  • The interior jacket bares the Mia MY logo in embroidery along with a row of pretty flowers. The logo is also embroidered on the back exterior of the jacket.
  • All the raw edges are finished with satin ribbon inside the jacket.

4) I did a test design to see how well the jacket would wash. It washed very well, but tended to wrinkle a little bit. There were no signs of shrinking, pilling, or misshaping. I was very pleased that the marker washed out completely with no traces of the old design left behind.

5) For a child, I think these markers would work fine. For me personally, I would have liked to have markers that had a little more precision, which would have allowed me to use more detail. The markers did not bleed much but the lines did come out a little fuzzy.

6) At first when I saw this kit was priced at $49.99, I was a little taken aback. Now having experienced the product, I do think it is a good value because the quality of the jacket itself is superb, this product can be used an infinite number of times, and it is a wonderful opportunity for a child to be creative and to show off the results of their creativity. To make your investment last longer, you can buy one size up on the jacket. My daughter currently wears a size 3 and the jacket we received is a size 4. It is not gigantic on her, but she definitely has room to grow. I think we could get two years out of this jacket.

(Click on each image to enlarge)

Overall, I am very pleased with this product. The Mia MY Signature Jacket would make a very unique gift for a birthday or for the holidays. You could present the jacket as a kit or you could draw an original design on the jacket prior to gifting it. I thoroughly enjoyed doodling on this jacket and think it would be a great creative outlet for children. To learn more about this product or to view additional examples, visit .

Thank you to Mia MY for providing us with a crafts project free of charge.