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Creating With Colors: It's National Play-Doh Day!

In honor of National Play-Doh Day, our project today will be using Play-Doh compound to create with colors. When I was a child, I remember how difficult it was to think of something feasible to create with Play-Doh. I recall making many attempts at sculpting animals, but it was a difficult task . . . well, aside from the snake. Today's project is based on something to which children of all ages can relate.

Today's Project: Making Food with Play-Doh

Ask your child to create some of their favorite foods using multiple colors of Play-Doh compound. (Since everyone's stock of Play-Doh varies, you may want to emphasize that the colors used for creating the food do not necessarily need to match that of the food in real life.)

Supplies Needed:

1) 3 or more colors of Play-Doh compound.

2) (Optional) Play-Doh food-making kits, such as the Burger Builder, the Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe, or the Spaghetti Factory.

3) Something that can be used for plates, such as paper dessert plates, toy plates from a kitchen or tea set, etc . . .

4) Something that can be used for cutting, such as a plastic knife.

Tip #1: Ask your child to brainstorm their favorite foods or foods they often see at a barbecue or their favorite restaurant. Feel free to make suggestions if your child's list is too short. More options equals more fun. Don't forget about side dishes! (Click this link for fun Play-Doh Food Recipes)

Tip #2: Look around your house for different things that can be used for tools if you do not happen to own any Play-Doh accessories. You can use the compound containers for cutting circles and cookie cutters for producing interesting shapes.

(Click on each photo to view full size version)

Tip #3: Try not to put too much emphasis on realism. For example, the first image above (top left) is a photo of my 2yr old daughter's version of a cake.

Play-Doh compound should be a staple in every young child's household or classroom. It would make an affordable gift for any child and would be a much-appreciated donation to any preschool to early grade school classroom. For example, the Play-Doh Burger Builder retails for $14.99 and comes with the Burger Builder, the Twist-A-Chip Super Tool, five colors of Play-Doh compound, a plate, a knife, a roller and more.

Visit and enter your child's Play-Doh food creation for a chance to win a $5,000 playroom makeover AND a $5,000 School Doh-nation in the form of a check payable directly to your child's school. All you need to do is upload a photo of your child's creation before 11:59pm EST September 30th, 2009.

Thank you to Hasbro and Play-Doh for providing us with a Burger Builder set for this Creating With Colors activity.