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A Thoughtful Free Gift for Grandparent's Day

In honor of National Grandparent's Day(September 13th, 2009), has teamed up with YourVoice to offer a free service which is designed to give grandparents something to smile about. Simply stated, YourVoice allows your child to record a special voice message and then email that recording to his or her grandparents.

Listen to Jake's Message To His Grandparents
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This service is extremely user-friendly and could not have made it easier to complete the recording. All you need to do is call the phone number, enter the pin number provided to you, and then have your child record a special message to the grandparents. Then you have the opportunity to listen to the recorded message and to decide if you are satisfied with it or would like to record a new one. The site even offers you a few suggestions if you and your child cannot come up with something to say on your own. The message can be brief or it can be as long as a book reading.

After the message has been recorded to your satisfaction, you then enter the email or emails to which you would like it to be sent. You can even write a custom message to go in the notification email. The recipient need only to click on a link to listen to the message. They can listen to it as often as they'd like and can even download it to their own computer.

Overall, this is a very easy process for both the sender and the recipient. It is a free service, but the number to call is not toll free. We do not have to worry about long distance charges because of the type of phone service we use, but please be aware of this potential cost to you before you make the call to record your child's message.

This is one of my favorite photos of my mother with our daughter Makenzie when she was an infant . . .

I received a gift card from BSM Media as a thank you for trying out this free service.