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Silly Monkey Stories: A Man of Action

Since Jake first started getting sent to his room for a time out as a toddler, he has managed to fall asleep just minutes into his punishment. Now at 5-1/2yrs old, he still does the same thing. Instead of thinking about what he did wrong, he must be dreaming about it.

But that's only part of this Silly Monkey Story! The rest takes place when I try to wake him up.

Jake is a heavy sleeper. I guess he has to be in order to get any rest with two younger siblings who still do not sleep through the night 100%. So a couple of weeks ago, my husband sent Jake to his room for a time out. About 20 minutes later, we were calling him for dinner and he didn't respond to either of us. This is why . . .

Now I proceeded to wake Jake up for dinner, but it was not so easy. I called him softly so I wouldn't startle him . . . nothing. I poked him gently on the forehead 9 or 10 times and he didn't stir one bit. I even tried to honk the tip of his nose several times. That made him twitch a little, but he was still sound asleep.

I always worry that, if there was ever a real emergency in the middle of the night, he won't wake up. What do you think? Can we rule out any future occupation as a firefighter or another job that requires quick reaction time?

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