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Shop 'n' Share: Last Minute Back-to-School Shopping at Marshalls

My husband and I dropped by Marshalls on Friday night before we went to dinner. They had sent me a gift card to see what kind of bargains I could find.

I went into Marshalls thinking that my son could probably use some long-sleeved pullovers and a pair of shoes other than his athletic sneakers. My husband and I were both guilty of getting sidetracked in the toy and home furnishings sections before we even got to the boys clothing. That's how we ended up with the Speed Racer trailer. My son is crazy about Speed Racer and this was something we had never seen before. There was only one of these trailers, so my husband and I agreed that we couldn't let this one go. It was $9.99 and was regularly $15.00 .

So when we headed over to the boys section, there was New England Patriots licensed apparel prominently displayed on a column. The prices were very good, but I still cannot bring myself to spend $30 on a player jersey for a 5-1/2yr old who is not a football fanatic. I did find this licensed Patriots long-sleeved t-shirt by Reebok for just $7.99 (regularly $14.00).

I am always guilty for buying too many logo t-shirts for my son . . . both long and short-sleeved. There were tons of nice Nike logo t-shirts at good prices, but I had just recently purchased four Nike pieces for our son at AJ Wright. There were many different brand name logo t-shirts I liked for our son, but I ended up choosing a solid navy Ralph Lauren t-shirt. It was only $7.99 and was regularly $18.00 . This t-shirt is great for when you don't need a collared shirt, but still want to look a little bit less casual than a logo tee.

One thing I was disappointed about was that I had found these army green Converse high tops that my son would have loved. Unfortunately they didn't have my son's size.

A few other things I saw that I wanted (but had to exert some self-control) were a DKNY hoodie for our daughter, a Cuisinart loaf pan, and a muffin pan that made square muffins. Even though they were great deals, I just couldn't buy them because we've had some extra expenses lately. It's one of the few times I've actually felt buyer's remorse before I made the purchase. I am still very tempted to go back for that muffin pan though.

Anyways, I think I did pretty well. I got all 3 things for under $26.