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Shop 'n' Share: Build-A-Bear Workshop's August Sale

As far as I can recall, Build-A-Bear Workshop rarely has many promotional sales. Once in awhile, I do see that they temporarily lower the prices of a few of their animals, but that is about it.

We did not need more Build-A-Bear plush animals by any means, but I just could not resist this sale. I've been thinking about it all month and decided we just had to stop in before the end of August because it was such a great price and the experience is always so much fun for all three children. They are offering any one animal, any hanging outfit, and any pair of shoes . . . all for just $29.99 plus tax.

Here are the latest additions to our collection. Meet Romeo, Juliet, and Spot . . .

I think we have enough now so we can officially be categorized as Build-A-Bear addicts.

Today's the last day for the sale if you want to squeeze in a trip to BABW!