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Shop 'n' Share: Birthday Gifts For Dad From AJ Wright

Last weekend was my Dad's birthday. I had written in a previous post about how he is so hard to buy for because he likes to live modestly and hates it when people spend money on him. So I was thrilled to find two bargains that were "Dad-worthy" while I was taking a tour of the newly remodeled AJ Wright in Methuen, MA last month.

The first gift I found was this licensed Red Sox t-shirt. It was the last one in red and happened to be my father's size. Plus my husband assured me that my Dad would be proud to where the player "Youkilis". This shirt was only $9.99 .

The second gift was this pair of Perry Ellis slippers that happened to also be priced at $9.99 . My Dad had told me his old slippers were falling apart towards the end of last winter, but by then all the spring merchandise was out and I could not find a pair of house slippers anywhere. My Dad is very hard on his slippers for some reason, so I'm glad these are good quality and have a nice thick cushioned foot bed.

Here's my Dad with his birthday gifts. He was one happy guy!

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