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Review: Wendy's Boneless Chicken Wings

I am not a big fan of Southwestern spices, so many barbecue sauces just do not appeal to me very much. That is why I was excited to try Wendy's new boneless chicken wings in the Sweet & Spicy Asian flavor. I was anxious for my 3 young children to try the boneless wings as well, because we do not give them things with bones to eat as a rule. My husband has been a long time fan of Wendy's everything, so it did not take much convincing to get him to give these a try.

What my family and I thought about Wendy's Boneless Chicken Wings:

1) Although the Honey BBQ was a little too tangy and Southwestern for my taste, my husband and children enjoyed them very much. This is saying a lot considering my children can be very picky about what they are willing to eat at times.

2) My biggest concern about the Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken was that it would be too spicy for my taste. I was happy to find that it was not too spicy even though it does have a little kick to it.

3) Because we ordered our food to-go, the batter on the chicken was only partially crispy by the time we got it home and sat down to eat.

I would definitely order these Wendy's Boneless Wings again. I think next time I would just eat it in the restaurant while the chicken is still hot and fresh. I do have to say that I thought this chicken was a great value. We received a lot of chicken for only a few dollars. The amount of food was more than enough to fill one adult. The quantity would also be perfect for two children to share along with a side dish.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog and giveaway campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Wendy's and received a sample to facilitate my candid review. In addition, Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.