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Review: "The Tigger Movie" 10th Anniversary DVD

We are all huge fans of Disney movies in our house, so when we were offered a chance to review Disney's The Tigger Movie's 10th Anniversary DVD, we were more than happy to accept. Although we own many Pooh Bear books, we have not watched many Winnie the Pooh cartoons on television. This was our first true experience.

The 10th Anniversary release of The Tigger Movie is a 2-Disc set, which includes the featured film plus fun extras, such as games and sing-a-longs. The second disc is a digital copy of the movie, which allows you to watch the film on your computer. The featured presentation is also followed by two brand new Tigger adventures.

What I thought about this Disney DVD:

1) The animation was beautiful and whimsical, just as I would expect from a Disney production.

2) I like the lesson this movie presents, which is the true meaning of what a family is. It teaches children that a group does not have to look, sound, and act alike to be a family.

3) This film was enjoyed on different levels by my children. My 2.5yr old son loved pointing out all the different animals, but he could not follow all the conversation. My 5yr old could follow the events of the entire movie easily.

4) My 5yr old son and I both agreed that the movie was lacking something. I think the difference between this Disney movie and others is that this one is very passive. This is true with the characters' personalities, their voices, and even with the colors used in the film. All were very muted.

5) The character of Tigger saves this movie because he is the one thing that is not passive. Both his voice and actions are very dynamic compared to those of the other characters. In this movie, Tigger is absent in many of the scenes involving the other characters. Although the other characters are endearing, they are slightly monotone.

6) We, of course, love the happy ending to this adventure. My 5yr old son said his favorite part was when Eeyore's new house was unveiled.

The Tigger Movie 10th Anniversary DVD was just realeased on August 4th, 2009. You should be able to find it online and locally most places where quality children's DVDs are sold.

Thank you to Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment for providing us with a review product free of charge.