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Review: Bumkins Child's Waterproof Apron (Plus Win a $35 GC)

It's August and that means it's time to start getting ready for back-to-school! I am so happy to be able to take part in the Bumkins Back 2 School Blog Tour. I love shopping for new items for back-to-school! Who are we kidding . . . I love shopping period. :)

Although I love buying my children new clothes, I hate worrying about how fast they will ruin them. Although I can't keep them covered up all the time, like when they play outside for instance, I can give them some protection while they eat and while they work on arts and crafts projects. Although my 5yr old son is too old to wear a bib, he loves to wear a big kids art apron. Even though he is always careful not to drip or spill things, he somehow always manages to touch himself on his clothes while his hands are still covered in paint, chalk, or whatever medium he happens to be working with.

What we thought about our Child's Waterproof Apron from Bumkins:

1) Since the apron is fully adjustable at the waist and neck, this apron should last my son a long time.

2) The pockets are divided into three compartments and are extremely roomy. In fact they are so roomy, that I wish one of them was divided in half again to hold smaller items, which fall to the bottom and get a little lost.

3) I think it was so smart to have an adjustable toggle closure at the neck. This gives the child independence once they learn how to use the toggle. It also must be much more user-friendly for children with long hair than regular tie-back straps would be.

4) Although I made the neck strap sit loosely around my son's neck, it took some time for him to get use to the feeling of having something behind his neck.

5) I love that the apron can sit high up just below my son's neck and also gives full coverage on the front and sides.

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Thank you to Bumkins for providing us with a review product free of charge.