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Review: 2-in-1 Harness Buddy Backpacks

Twintuitive Product #11

I chose these child safety harnesses to feature as a "TWINtuitive Product" because keeping track of two children in a crowded place is more than twice as difficult as keeping track of just one child. You may be aware that there are people who are against using harnesses on children, but I feel that sometimes it is necessary in crowded places. To me, it is more fair to the child to be able to walk around for a little while in a busy mall or while you are on a family vacation rather than being forced to stay in a stroller for hours. If there were no hazards out there and if child predators did not exist, you would have a strong argument that such products are not necessary. Unfortunately, this is not the case and it only takes a second for your child to slip out of your view, especially when you have more than one child with you.

What my children and I thought about these Goldbug harness backpacks:

1) As I stated in my introduction, these are some of the most child-friendly harnesses I have ever seen. Because they are plush animals that also double as backpacks, my 2.5yr old twins like to wear them around the house just for fun.

2) There was quite a selection of these plush animal harnesses available on the Baby Safety Travel website, so I was able to let each twin choose the animal they each liked best. Although Makenzie had chosen the lion and Luke had chosen the monkey, when it came time to trying these harnesses on for size, they decided to trade.

3) I do want to point out these harnesses are very well constructed and sells for only $12.98 each on . This is a great price, especially if you have multiples and need to buy more than one.

4) These harnesses appear to be very comfortable for the child. You do not have to adjust the straps too tightly for the harness to stay on. I also like how the animal's head is designed to look off to one side.

5) An important feature to me is that these harnesses are machine washable.

6) I think having the tether double as the animal's tail was a very cute idea. The plastic clasp, however, is very difficult to latch onto the d-ring. I'm not sure that I would be able to get the tether on or off in a hurry.

7) Although this harness does double as a backpack, please keep in mind that the pocket on the back is not very large. It will not hold very much, but this allows the animal to remain light and cushioned against your child's back.

8) I do also want to say that, although I most likely would not use a harness on a 5yr old, the straps do adjust so that the harness fits my 5yr old without any problems. This is a nice feature for children who are large for their age.

9) Lastly, the tether is constructed of the same material as the body of the animal. This makes the tether comfortable to hold for the adult more than a webbed strap would.

To see the full line of child harnesses offered by Baby Safe Travel, including another line of safety harnesses featuring Disney characters, visit . While you're there, you can also find helpful tips on traveling with children, a list of parent reviewed hotels, as well as infant/toddler travel gear.

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