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Mommy Confessions: Learning From One's Younger Siblings

Sorry I've missed this meme for the past couple of weeks. Usually I can think of something easily to confess, but that has not been the case. I did think of something this week though.

I Confess . . .

Now that the twins are getting bigger, the are no longer taking Jake's mild bullying. Although Jake doesn't hit often, he does get a little rough when he is fighting over toys, a spot on the sofa, etc . . . So I am actually happy that the twins actually have hit Jake once or twice because it shows him that it hurts. It's tough to teach a child that hitting hurts without actually hitting him. I never hit Jake, so I am glad the twins can show him and stand up for themselves at the same time. Of course, I do reprimand them afterwards, so this shows Jake that it hurts to be hit and it is wrong to hit.

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