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Kindergartner-In-Training: Informational Pamphlet

This activity involves creating a trifold pamphlet that relays some sort of information. I think this activity brings together some of the other things we've been working on, such as descriptive words, handwriting, and spelling.

To make things simpler and to keep the activity shorter, I chose the theme and cut pictures relating to that theme for Jake to choose from. You can certainly invite your child to choose the theme and look for pictures to use. I chose a circus carnival theme because it is something Jake is familiar with and it is an interesting topic, making it easier for him to think of things to put in the pamphlet.

Magazine Clippings

My husband helped Jake complete this project. He actually did something I would not have done, which was to have Jake dictate what should be written and he wrote out everything in pencil. Then Jake traced over my husband's letters. I understand that he was just trying to help Jake with the spacing, but the main problem with it is that Jake's handwriting is much neater than my husbands. LOL!!

Here is what they came up with. I think Jake did a great job . . .

Front Cover

Inside Partially Open

Inside Fully Open

I definitely hope that I will have time to do another project like this with Jake before the summer is over. I would really like for him to make one mostly on his own from start to finish.