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For Better or For Worse: It's Rare, But Not Impossible

The first time I met my husband, he told me a lame joke. I wonder if he remembers it?

Well since then, he's told me thousands of jokes, which are usually a clever play on words (or at least in his mind). Most of the time, I just roll my eyes. Once in awhile though, he comes up with something so utterly silly, that I can't help but laugh.

Such an occasion happened the other night. I have an affinity towards macro photography, so I take close-ups of the strangest things all the time. So I was photographing the different stages of "eateness" of my Snickers Ice Cream Bar. When it was all gone, I took some shots of the wrapper too. Then my husband said to me . . .

"What if I was a singer and my name was M. T. Rapper?"