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Do You Dress Up For Halloween?

Every year at Halloween, my husband says that someday we will all dress up as a family to go trick-or-treating. Of course, I usually have the kids' costumes purchased by the end of the summer. Well, what do you expect from someone who has most of her holiday shopping done by Halloween? What can I say? I like to plan ahead.

The truth is that it doesn't occur to me to think about adult Halloween costumes when I am picking out costumes for the children. For example, for Halloween 2009 my daughter is going to be JoJo the clown from Playhouse Disney's JoJo's Circus. Her twin brother is going to be Goliath, who is JoJo's pet lion and best friend. I suppose my husband and I could look for JoJo's parents costumes (I'm drawing a blank on their names), but what are the chances we'd find them? Oh, did I forget to mention that our older son is set on dressing up as Bumblebee from the animated Transformers series? How would we work that into the whole circus theme?

I really think that if we ever do dress up as a family, my husband would get his way and we'd all have Star Wars themed costumes. He says he would like to be Darth Vader, but I think he would make a better Chewbacca (tall and hairy with long arms).